About Us

Leo Anderson started Corky’s Garden Path in 1948, with one greenhouse, in which he grew annuals, vegetables, and holiday plants. In 1950, a second greenhouse was added which was one of the largest freestanding greenhouses in the area at that time. Leo Anderson retired from the greenhouse business in the late sixties. His retirement was short lived. In 1970, Leo and one of his grandsons, Edward “Corky” Kashuba restarted the business. Corky had just graduated from Scott High School (now Lakeland High School) and needed to earn tuition money so that he could attend Johnson School of Technology. Halfway through the year, bad luck struck when Leo Anderson passed away.

Corky had learned a lot about the greenhouse from his grandfather, having been exposed to business since he was a child. He kept the greenhouses running while attending Johnson School. After marrying his wife Nancy in 1975 Corky worked on expanding the business. It now includes 22 greenhouses totaling over 40,000 square feet of space.

In 1995, twenty-five years after entering the greenhouse business, Corky and Nancy expanded to a new piece of land at Justus Corners, just up the road from their existing greenhouses. At this new location they built a six thousand square foot lawn and garden center as well as four new greenhouses. With the added room Corky and Nancy were able to expand not only their space for growing plants, but they could also carry products such as bulk mulches and soils for the first time as well as a larger selection of shrubs and fertilizers. Nancy also started a gift shop as part of the new lawn and garden center, which has grown quickly since its inception. Currently the Justus Corners location includes eight greenhouses that are open to the public, as well as a gift shop, and a full service lawn and garden center. The fourteen greenhouses at the growing area are kept busy most of the year, providing a constant supply of plants to the retail greenhouses at Justus Corners.