What's Lookin' Lush!

Our perennials are poppin'! We all love bringing a bit of color into our lives, and now is the time to consider picking up a flashy classic for your outdoor space. As we fall into the rhythm of summer here at Corky's, we're keeping up with a steady rotation of gorgeous hardy flora. Our team is staying active, caring for our collection through storms and heatwaves alike - and we wanted to shed some extra light on some of our favorite fixtures.
If you're a fan of big, statement blooms, look no further than the stunning Daylily. Amazingly low-maintenance, these perennials can thrive in a variety of conditions, but are happiest when placed in an area with full sun and well-draining soil. They should receive all the water they need through the natural rain cycle, and do not require fertilization; however, a little goes a long way with daylilies, and giving them a boost of all-purpose fertilizer in early spring can encourage strong bloom performance. Daylilies can also be enthusiastic spreaders, so every few years, they can be divided and planted again! We have a variety of color options in our yard, from rich purples to deep yellows, each ready and waiting for a permanent place to grow.
Perhaps you're not as drawn to large flowers as you are to a more delicate scatter of color. In that case, there's nothing better than the elegant sprigs of a Russian sage. The gently accented purple is an eye-catching addition to any space, with high-reaching sprays that fill areas without making them seem busy or crowded. Much like daylilies, Russian sage loves a sunny environment, and needs very little watering apart from what it receives from natural rainfall. Do you struggle with keeping deer away from your garden? Planting this sage variety around your oft-eaten flowers could be the perfect deterrent. While the scent is soft and mellow to a human nose, it's far from appetizing to the deer, and goes a long way toward keeping them from your coveted blooms.
We'll always have an array of long-loved options for you to choose from, but if you're on the hunt for something a bit larger with a unique twist, then a Mountain Fire Pieris is the perfect choice. Mountain Fire begins its cycle with modest green foliage. As it matures, stunning red growth will emerge from within the green, and snowy white flowers will drift down from its edges. It can reach a heights of up to 8 feet, remaining beautifully full all the while. Unlike sages and daylilies, this shrub enjoys moist soil, and can also be happy with a bit of shade. The Mountain Fire shrubs in our care are just beginning to show that gorgeous red, so it's the perfect time to choose your own and watch it come to life!
We can't talk perennials without talking rose bushes - and we've got plenty! Our collection of Knock Out® Roses offers an array of pinks and reds, all of whom will bloom beautifully from spring to frost. This specially chosen variety boasts firm disease resistance, as well as a self-cleaning cycle that frees you from the need to deadhead - a quality that shouldn't be overlooked, particularly with those pesky thorns! These ever-popular shrubs can be planted as a single piece, or grouped close to Where other roses can be hard to grow and harder to care for, Knock Out® has cultivated a stunning shrub with few needs and many rewards. 
Our standards of plant care ensure that when you're ready to plant, our product is ready too! Now is a golden stretch of time to ready your property for next spring, and the best place to start is right here. We love recommending our favorites, but our store is surrounded with well over a hundred different species of perennials. Whether you're chasing a specific look or arriving with an open mind, we're more than ready to guide you through!