The Power of a Flower

Nothing gives back in quite the same way as a perennial plant. We all know how satisfying it can be to craft the perfect visual yard display, with a collection of the most stunning colors and leafy bursts to greet your eyes with every passing year. 
However, the benefits of planting perennials far surpass their aesthetic appeal! By investing in long-term shrubbery, you are automatically boosting the health of your entire planting area. From nutrient retention to energy conservation, your perennial plants will shoulder a lot of responsibilities - leaving you free to stop and smell the flowers!

The standout benefit of perennials is their namesake: they come back every year. Consequently, there's no need for the kind of gardening overhaul required for annual planting. Once it is established, a perennial requires generally less attention than a single-season rooter. Deep, long lasting roots are able to draw what they need from deeper recesses of the ground, which negates the need to reset your planting area.
Furthermore, you're able to choose your garden and simply allow it to follow its cycle, without needing to worry about refilling bare spots season after season. Even if your plant eventually starts to decline, perennials are readily lent to propagation; simply divide at the root, and re-plant the fresh section.
Pictured: Kalimeris 'Blue Star'

Since perennials make a permanent home in your soil, their root systems have plenty of time to set up efficient underground structures. Not only will this yield results in plant health during successive seasons, but the spreading roots will naturally improve both soil aeration and water retention. This natural boost in oxygen will not only be perfect for the roots' source plant, but will be a welcome gift to any other plants growing nearby - as well as vital microorganisms living among them!
Alongside these functions in shallow soil, perennial root systems are able to grow deep underground to areas beyond the reach of annual plants. As a result, they can access reserves of vital nutrients like nitrogen and iron. By tapping into these spaces, the roots allow more of these nourishing components to spread throughout the soil, organically raising the quality at every level.
Pictured: Bumblebee on Agastache, backed by 'Frosted Fire' Sedum

The very best part? There's no need to hunt for a specific variety, or settle for your second favorite color. Every single one of these benefits comes with the planting of any perennial - sun or shade, tree or shrub, coneflower or Kalimeris. 
Annual bloomers certainly have their place in your garden; some of the most beautiful flowers are short lived, and many types of fruits and vegetables are produced in a closed cycle. Ultimately, providing the unshakable foundation of a perennial in your garden will only serve to uplift any annual plants you may favor. The only limits are your own wants, and as always, we're ready to meet them. We have our vast and classic variety of long-term product ready for planting in any space, so stop by our yard and get a gift for your own!
Pictured: Lavender, backed by Variegated Japanese Iris