Tend to Flying Friends

We are fortunate to share our land with an assortment of stunning wild birds. From little chickadees to sturdy woodpeckers, the trees around our homes are often bustling with feathery life - even throughout the cold and snowy winter. Even though they are, of course, perfectly capable of fending for themselves, there's no reason not to give these birds a bit of extra love! Take pride in supporting Pennsylvania's wildlife by giving it a boost through the winter.
Our store always keeps local birds in mind when we choose our seed, and we are always outfitted with a variety of versatile blends, guaranteed to attract a crowd to your feeder. You can choose from several sizes of classic loose feed bags, and even some special types of suet! Blocks of suet can be a great choice of feed in cold weather, as they are crafted with a mix of seed and natural fats, which can be extra helpful for birds trying to keep warm.
Whether you love them or hate them, another kind of visitor might stop by to dine at your feeder: squirrels! There are a number of ways to discourage these fuzzy-tailed fiends from chowing down on your seed. We carry several styles of squirrel-proof bird feeders, specially designed to prevent unwanted creatures from easy access. However, if you're not looking for a new feeder but you'd still like to discourage squirrels from hogging all of the sustenance, there's a very simple yet very effective solution. If you mix your seed with hot sauce or some form of chili oil, the squirrels won't be able to take the heat! Birds do not have the same spice receptors as mammals do, which makes them impervious to levels of spice that would have our eyes watering and mouths burning. We're stocked up on bottles of Cole's Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce, which is a specially concocted formula of food-grade Habanero Chili oil and other natural ingredients. It is perfectly safe for your birds to consume, and will not harm any mammals who happen upon it - but it is guaranteed to deter squirrels with its scent and intense spice level.
Make friends with your winged neighbors by gifting them a special space to safely find nutrition this winter!