Corky's Garden Path Second Annual Peony Palooza

It’s time to brush away those last few flurries from your windshield and make peace with these splatters of rain and teases of sunshine. We’re so happy to welcome another spring with you, and as always, we’ve got some special plans for this vernal turn. 

Our main event comes in the form of a Corky’s favorite. Get excited for this year’s Peony Palooza, kicking off on Saturday, April 20th and running through the 21st. We’ll be getting a special early visit from our friends at Ray’s Porketta food truck on Friday the 19th, who will be sticking around with us all weekend! In addition to the hearty delights from Ray’s, we’ll have the sweetness of Jitty Joe’s Ice Cream and classic treats from Loose Shoe Brew with us from Saturday to Sunday. With these much-loved visitors, special product sampling, and a cheeky little raffle, our local business event is blooming into a can’t-miss community weekend - right beside the flowers at the heart of it all.

Not only are peonies easy on the eyes, but they are quite a forgiving garden tenant for beginners due to their simple care needs. There’s no need to uproot and divide every few years, as with most other perennials. Peonies will thrive as long as they’re given a bit of space and ample sunshine. This blossom also carries a fun and unique trait that many of its peers can’t boast; peony petals are edible, and a few plucked pieces can make a unique garnish to any cold drink or leafy entree! Fortunately, though you may find them appetizing, deer and rabbits do not – so they’ll make a wonderful pest-resistant addition to your landscaping. 

We couldn’t be happier to present this wonderful flower as our spring centerpiece, and we’re so excited to have over twenty different types to share with you this year! They won’t be in full bloom quite yet, so you have some time to pick out your spot and get them settled in their new yard. The space you choose will be their home for seasons and seasons to come; peonies are an incredibly long-lived perennial, and have been known to live for upwards of one hundred years. Here’s to all the peonies that will bloom from 2024 to 2124!


Had I but four square feet of ground at my disposal, I would plant a peony in the corner and proceed to worship. 

–Alice Harding, The Book of the Peony


Bare Root Peony Varieties Available This Year


This Year's Featured Varieties:

  • Dr. Alexander Fleming

  • Armani

  • Red Charm

  • Dutchesse de Nemours

  • Krinkled White

  • Bartzella

  • Felix Crousse

  • Raspberry Sundae

  • Adolphe Rousseau

  • Many Happy Returns

  • Double Red

  • Miss Mary Seashell

  • Barrington Belle

  • Edulis Superba

  • Immaculee

  • Monsour Jules Elie

  • Kansas

  • Primavera

  • Karl Rosenfield

  • Sorbet